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lisa robinson. >> i am an deadbeat winner. let's look outside. ->> we are trying to get through some clouds parted they will not be rainmakers. the sun will come in and it will be a fairly nice day. >> we are planning on it. >> we started off chilly this morning. we are warming up at this stage 3. . the clouds are coming from a system down south. as i show you on the wider view, you can see areas of rain associated with the storm but they are well south of us today. that's where the rain will stay. we will see clouds come up into the area but we will see some rain break and reasonably good temperatures. i will have details in a minute. >> mayor sheila dixon's date has been put on hold for several days. jurors went home for the weekend without a verdict. we have some questions they have asked and what attorneys on both sides are saying. >> mayor sheila dixon walked from the rear of the courthouse to city hall at the end of the day parade her guilt or innocence was still undecided. she says she intends to spend the weekend between work and personal activity before resuming the nail bit
x late breaking, this is doubly -- wbal. >> i am lisa robbins. >> our top stories in a moment but let's look outside with our meteorologist. >> good morning. temperatures this morning around the city dropped below the freezing point. it may have done in a few of your favorite plants. the days are getting shorter and everything else. we have to look forward to cooler weather for a while. today we will see a warming trend. we will reverse the trend we have had for the last couple of days. yesterday's high was only around 52 degrees. we will do better than that during the day today. the closest storms have been a couple of sprinkles and showers with mixed precipitation in upstate new york. the real stormy weather is coming off the pacific ocean in the pacific northwest where they are having rain in the lower elevations. not much going on. the warming trend will be welcome and we will talk about that and a few minutes. -- in a few minutes. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon talks exclusively to 11 years. she spoke about her commitment to the business of the city as her top priority.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2